synthetic as the city.

June 20, 2012

My mind went blank and the words wouldn’t come out right.
All I could think of were the loud, busy streets
yelling at me as I used to walk,
Bellmont, Grand Avenue,  Michigan, and Van Buren.
The towering above me that felt like home.

And in a blink of my eyes, everything changed.
My buildings turned to fields,
my sights turned to memories.
Nothing ever stays the same.

I look around me and it’s like I’m seeing double.
Originality has long been forgotten
and determination only has one sole focus.
I fight to dream, I struggle to live
not only to survive, but to prosper.
I am me, and I am young, yet
I have seen a fair share of adversity.
Take my thoughts, take my words,
take me as a whole, or do not take me at all.
I could think all day and never get bored,
I could write pages and never run out of words.
If you asked me what I liked,
to you, my answers would be all wrong.
No one is supposed to like the color gray,
speaking the words others refuse to say, or
choosing to sit alone.
But I do. And does that make me wrong?
Is there a determined wrong and right?
Because all I know is that my city would never judge me.
But this town might.


step 1.

February 21, 2012

Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy lately, but WordPress has been greatly missed.

I have really been finding some great relief in the fact that school will soon be coming to a close, only 3 months left to go.

But along with that relief has come a lot of thought. Not too long from now, my future is going to start taking shape, and I’ve been thinking  a lot about what I want it to look like.

I have always had a great interest in art and music, and I know I will not feel right if I don’t do something creative with my life.

A few months ago, I got accepted to Indiana University, and although I was not crazy about it at first, my excitement has built recently. I decided that I am going to study graphic design, and then my second year I am going to attempt to get into Jacob’s School of Music, to get accepted into their Recording Art’s program. I feel like if I could do that, I could survive living in hell, I mean Indiana, for the next 4 years.

But anyways, getting to my point. As everyone may know, just recently at the Grammy’s, the artist Bon Iver won Best New Artist, as well as Best Alternative Music Album. As many of you may not know, Bon Iver’s record label, Jagjaguwar, is located right here in Bloomington, Indiana. Lucky me.

So today, I took my first step. Although it may be small, and although it probably will not lead me anywhere, I sent an email to Jagjaguwar. I approached them about finding out more information about how the label is run, and just more information about the music industry in general. I would absolutely love to get to talk to someone from there, and I feel like it would give me the inspiration and motivation I need to get started on my career journey.

But whether I hear back or not, I know that it was my first step. My first step of many.